Sample Client List

    The UnCommon Coffeehouse
    Lincoln Roadsides Commitee

Designers & Architects:
    Dana Schock & Associates

Corporate Sites:
    Dominion Consulting LLC
    MetaCarta - product splash screen
MetaCarta - html email template
    Venator Partners - html email template

Health and Wellness:
    Boston Community Midwifery
    Luminosity Healing
    Dancing Wellness
    Kussman Therapy
    Yoga for Seniors - author site
    Center for Creativity

Small Businesses:
    Saving Stories - Personal Historian
    Trusting the Moment - author site
    Steve Shama: Professional Speaker
    Inflexion Point Consulting
    The Art of Business Coaching
    Cobblestone Consulting
    Voice Overs by Jeannie Lindheim
    PMH Associates, Inc
    Macero Law
    Jimmy Leach Music
    Your Animal Speaks

Real Estate & Property Management:
    Cozy Cape Cottage
    Quiet Cove Residential Community
    Lake George Rental Home

    S&S Restaurant

    French for Kids!

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